How do we achieve our vision?

Employment is very important for adults, because that's where the income comes from. Their primary necessities are food, drink and hygiene. A healthier lifestyle is therefore being pushed aside. Because if they spend more time cleaning up in and around their house, they will have less time to work or to collect stuff at the garbage dump, so that they earn less money, resulting in less food and drink.

However, employment provision is not (yet) within ProRomi's vision.

However, through ProRroma, the Romanian foundation, ProRomi does offer education for primary school children. This is led by Margriet and her assistants. The intention is that someone will take over from her in the near future. We try to make them realize that education is the most important thing there is for the new generation. That is the key to success. Unfortunately, it does not always get through to the parents of the children and they would rather let them work and earn money than send them to school. Information and guidance for parents is therefore also essential.

ProRomi wants to ensure better housing in the form of better insulated houses that are resistant to weather conditions (temperatures below -20 ° in winter to 35 + °C in summer) and rats and other unwanted animals. This is done by the facility people.

Together with the Roma "elders" we make the decision as to who's turn is to get a new home. We let the Roma gypsies (as far as possible) help with the construction, so that they realize how much effort, time and costs are involved. However, this is not always possible given the situation. Families often have to work every day to collect their daily bread.

ProRroma has also been negotiating with the (municipal) government for many years to get the village "recognized" and also better electrical facilities and the like.

ProRroma has purchased a large part of the land from Pata Rat, to prevent the government from deciding at some point to "bulldoze" the neighborhood.

The children are now regularly offered good meals through the school, but outside our organization too, the people and organizations that come to provide assistance provide as much good food as possible.

Together with a few other foundations that bring clothing and aid goods, ProRroma also distributes these items.

There is also provision for (obtaining) medicines wherever possible.

Many gypsy girls get pregnant at a very young age. ProRroma works together with the Zody foundation to make the children and teenagers of the village realize that this often leads to poverty and misery. Much still needs to be done in this regard.

Finally, all ProRomi / ProRroma employees also want to be "there" for the gypsies, who often live in miserable conditions and experience a lot of misery.

In all the above functions, but also in particular here, the Christian aspect emerges.

The ProRomi Foundation has been designated by the tax authorities in The Netherlands as "Public Benefit Organization". This means that donations to ProRomi Nederland are deductible from taxable income in The Netherlands. 
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