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The ProRomi Foundation supports the work of the ProRroma Foundation among the Roma gypsies in Romania. Five Christian schools, an after-school care project, an literacy course for adult Roma, a Multi-Functional Center and a medical post have been set up. ProRroma is building new shelters for Roma, who are in extremely poor living and living conditions. ProRomi is completely dependent on your intercession and donations for the aforementioned activities.

Bank account: IBAN: NL17 ABNA 0443 9257 98

Stichting ProRomi Netherlands

Laarweg 30, 6721 DE Bennekom

The Netherlands

K.v.K. Dordrecht nr. 41122228





Stichting ProRomi

Bank and administrative

IBAN: NL17 ABNA 0443 9257 98


Chambre of Commerce: 41122228

Postal address

Laarweg 30

6721 DE,  Bennekom

The Netherlands

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The ProRomi Foundation has been designated by the tax authorities in The Netherlands as "Public Benefit Organization". This means that donations to ProRomi Nederland are deductible from taxable income in The Netherlands.   ANBInummer ProRomi Nederland: 8062.77.610

Stichting ProRomi Nederland

Laarweg 30

6721 DE Bennekom

The Netherlands

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