Target group

The target group that ProRomi focuses on, consists mainly of disadvantaged Roma gypsies.

Where ProRomi previously had a number of projects at different locations in Romania, ProRomi will now focus primarily on the Roma in the Cluj-Napoca region and in particular the population of the Dallas (Pata-Rat) district, under the smoke of Cluj.

The Roma, also commonly referred to as gypsies in everyday language, are originally a nomadic people. In Romania, their nomadic way of life was forbidden for a long time in communist times and now they often live in caravan camps or in disadvantaged neighborhoods. In this case on and at the garbage dump of Cluj-Napoca, 1 of the 4 largest cities in Romania.

The ProRomi Foundation has been designated by the tax authorities as "Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling". This means that donations to ProRomi Nederland are deductible from taxable income in The Netherlands.  ANBInummer ProRomi Nederland: 8062.77.610

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